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  • NSE CI stands for Next Solution for Engineering and technology representing core technology and creating next generation technology.
  • Primary Identifier
  • ci
  • As an wordmark of NSE, it represents the abbreviation meaning of Next Solution for Engineering and technology itself and also delivers the meaning of innovation, change and environment though changing of font and color at the same time. Using of 3 contrast colors, blue, gray, green, tried to increase communication efficiency and deliver symbolic meaning of solution, engineering, trust and environment.
  • Signature
  • ci_signature
  • Color System
  • ci_color
  • Main color is one of the important elements of delivering corporate identity along with corporate mark and logo type. Also it serves other important function delivering corporate image to various visual media.
  • Emblem
  • emblem
  • NSE emblem is developed in circular format and used in various documents.
    Acting as supplement of primary identifier, it offers abundant and diverse image of NSE.