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Integrated Software Management Solution "SILKROAD ALM"

  • "SILKROAD" is an application lifecycle management system for high reliability software. It is named after "Silk Road", which is a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Asia and European world. It manages and creates data relations throughout the software development lifecycle from requirement to test phases.
  • Many developers have trouble with developing high reliable software because they have no choice to use an integrated tool to manage software development lifecycle from requirements to test phase. SILKROAD will be a great tool providing an integrated view for the while life cycle of software development.
  • RM
    • rm
  • DOCS(Requirement Editor)
  • Requirement Management
  • Traceability Management
  • DEV
    • dev
  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Source Repository
  • QA
    • qa
  • Configuration Management
  • Functional Test Management
  • White-box Test Management
  • COM
    • com
  • Plan Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Peer Review Management

* SILKROAD ALM : SILKROAD Application Lifecycle Management

Configuration Management Platform for Operating NPPs "SILKROAD CM"

  • Integrated management process to identify, document the nature of SSC of power plant and to maintain consistent equilibrium between three configuration requisites when there are changes in the nature of SSC.

- 3 Requisites : Requirement Management, Facility configuration data management, Physical configuration management

  • silkroad cm

* SILKROAD CM : SILKROAD Configuration Management

Radiological Emergency Preparedness Platform "REPS"

  • A platform system for real-time monitoring major operating facilities of NPPs
  • Evaluating radioactivity diffusion
    (wind field evaluations, airborne radioactive concentration calculations, adaptation of air diffusion models, etc.)
  • Radioactive source-term evaluation
    (core integrity evaluation, containment damage evaluation, release path analysis, etc.)
  • Radiological effects evaluation (dose conversion factors and intake information management, ambient and exposure dose evaluation, exposure path analysis, etc.)
  • Environmental radioactivity evaluation
    (environmental radioactivity data acquisition and analysis, source-term reevaluation, etc.)
  • Public protective action evaluation
  • reps

* REPS : Radiological Emergency Preparedness System

Safety Analysis Support Solution "ISTM"

  • Provides system drawings for components for in-service tests and reliability analysis
  • Linkage of property data of pumps, valves, and heat exchangers into the drawings
  • Provides a trend analysis system for inputting and managing safety components performance and trend analysis
  • Evaluating system unavailability and reliability using AIMS-PSA code
  • Coupling with thermo-hydraulic transient analysis programs (CFX, Flowmaster)
  • istm

* ISTM : In Service Test Management

Regulatory Supporting System “RESS”

  • Provides data registration, inquiry, search and linkage functions to efficiently and systematically manage documents for complex and long life-cycle industries, such as nuclear power, aerospace and etc. that carries out design, development, operation and maintenance in accordance with regulatory requirements.
  • Provides features such as page-based linkage between documents and traceability view, enabling fast and easy tracking and tracking of relevant documents upstream/downstream documents and revision document.
  • iris

* RESS : Regulatory Supporting System