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S/W Integrated Management Solution "SILKROAD ALM"

  • Outline of System
  • "SILKROAD" is an application lifecycle management system for high reliability software. It is named after "Silk Road", which is a historical network of interlinking trade routes across the Asia and European world.
    It has interlinking routes for various legacy management system such as requirement tools, design tools, configuration management tools and test tools.
  • Many developers have trouble with developing high reliable software because they have no choice to use an integrated tool to manage software development lifecycle from requirements to test phase. SILKROAD will be a great tool providing an integrated view for the while life cycle of software development.
  • RM
    • rm
  • DOCS(Requirement Editor)
  • Requirement Management
  • Traceability Management
  • DEV
    • dev
  • Task Management
  • Issue Management
  • Source Repository
  • QA
    • qa
  • Configuration Management
  • Functional Test Management
  • White-box Test Management
  • COM
    • com
  • Plan Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Peer Review Management
  • Feature of the SILKROAD
    • Data Correlation Reinforcement
    • Visible & Intuitive User interface
    • Task Management Enables fast decision making
    • Smart Device Mobility
    • Having competitive advantage in requirements management compared to IBM DOORS
    • Original Technology Development
    • Efficient Customer Response through source technology development
  • Technology of the SILKROAD
    • RIA (Rich Internet Application)
    • Multi Language Support (UTF-8)
    • Web Standard (W3C)
    • Configuration Standard (IEEE828 & IEEE1042)
  • Design Principles
  • The basic concept of the latest Internet Application REST (REpresentation State Transfer) Standard Interface, Web standards compliance, RIA (Rich Internet Application) UI to provide. In addition, the architecture, design simplicity, accessibility, portability, usability, modularity, maintenance, considering the design as visibility.
  • alm
  • Platform Architecture
  • Its core function is to collect all data required for software development and to provide traceability through integration between data collected. As can be seen from the diagram above, data of every modules is not dependent and is integrated each other.
  • For instance, Issue module is integrated with Requirement, Dashboard and Workflow.
  • In other words, it integrates task needed to resolve issues and traces requirements which are related to them.
  • Besides Requirement editor, all functions of SILKROAD are Web-based. SILKRAOD Server which is NET-based is composed with Foundation and Application. In Foundation, project management , group management and workflow are managed. In Application, specialized services of each modules are provided. All API of Application layer supports REST and it can be integrated with various 3rd party’s developing tools.
  • Currently, SILKROAD provides data integration with DOORS, SCADE, MS-Project, SVN and Codescroll, LDRA and MATLAB Simullink