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Regulatory Supporting System "RESS"

  • Outline of System
  • The purpose of the Regulatory Supporting System(RESS) is to assist perform regulatory affairs in an efficient and systematic manner on nuclear power plant structures and site.
    The RESS includes design characteristic information, regulatory documents, code and standard, decree, etc.
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  • System Functions
  • Main Functions
  • Comparing & browsing design features of nuclear reactor building & seismic category 1st class structure
  • Browsing related information required for regulation task such as SAR, regular inspection
  • Browsing NPP structure legislation, related guidelines and domestic & international technology standard data
  • Fast access to data by integrated search
  • Document integration according to data correlation
  • User Friendly Functions
  • Search history & bookmark
  • Web-hard format personal data storage
  • Customized main screen
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  • System Functions
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