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Safety Analysis Support Solution "ISTM"

  • Outline of System
  • ISTM is a useful tool that supports components performance management or regulatory inspection activities with regards to valves, pumps, and heat exchangers in the nuclear power plants. Since it is a web-based system, data can be entered directly on the inspection site and analyzed in the office. Each component can be viewed on the respective drawing and previous data can be traced on site.
    In-service test results can be judged in comparison to the previous data and reference values. ISTM supports safety effects evaluation of component test results by performing analyses using coupled fluid analysis program or reliability analysis program.
  • System Functions
  • NPPs Drawing Presentation Service
  • Drawing verification through web-based CAD Browser
  • Data verification of each component on drawing
  • In-service test result management
  • Results management in-service tests of each component
  • Interfaces for commercial analysis software
  • Support Flowmaster program
  • Support CFX program
  • Support AIMS-PSA program
  • System Features
  • istm01
  • Diagram of System
  • istm02